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stories making news "early today" in america. >>> in south carolina, police dash cam video shows why one officer lost his job. the cop was trailing a group of teens on an atv. when they do pull over, the cop pushes him and hits him multiple times with a flashlight. he was fired after the police chief saw this video. >>> deja vu. this captures the man's 22nd dui violation. the suspect failed his field sobriety test and was later found to have five times the legal alcohol limit. at the time he was pulled over, he had a revoked license and three warrants out for his arrest. >>> florida residents are dealing with an unexpected effect of the depressed economy. this is it. vacant homes serving as prime real estate for massive killer bee colonies. a bee remover found 20,000 bees buzzing on one porch alone. without new homeowners moving in, his winged residents likely will continue to invade houses. >>> a new wax sculpture of the late king of pop was unveiled in los angeles. the $300,000 figure shows michael jackson in wardrobe laid out for the concerts he had planned in london. publicists claim
, here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. pennsylvania police are searching for a woman who used pepper spray on a clerk when authorities say he tried to stop her from shoplifting. the employee became suspicious after he claimed to see the woman putting dvds into a handbag. when he confronted her, she pulled out a can of mace and sprayed him in the face before running off. >>> when the masked men entered the establishment, it was full of off-duty police officers who were in town for a golf tournament. needless to say, the suspect was quickly tackled and arrested. >>> it was a sticky situation for a woman in phoenix who discovered thousands of bees living under her bathtub. animal experts were called in to remove the hive by cutting a hole in her house. free honey may sound like a sweet opportunity, but officials say in time the bees would have become far more dangerous. >>> and in california, officials are warning some people to stay indoors after a black bear was spotted in a residential neighborhood. the animal estimated at 350 pounds was even
at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> three shocks from a taser were no match for one tennessee suspect. the 300-pound man appeared unphased after an officer tasered him for resisting arrest. he got up and started walking oo away, so another cop shot a taser at him. that didn't phaseerth. despite the man pulling off probes, police eventually took down the suspect and arrested him. >>> fireballs erupted for hours from a burning michigan fuel storage facility. the fire sent sploiding oil barrels high into the air, forcing firefighters to retreat the blaze and residents to evacuate for miles. officials say only an unmanned track shooting flame-retardant foam could be used. >>> torrential rains caused major flooding in kentucky and left a parking lot of churchill downs, home to t kentucky derby, looking more like a marina. the main library anal aetf h f dan hal af feet of standing water. some residents are stranded in their homes and thousands have lost power. >>> president obama celebrated his 48th birthday in washington, d.c. but he didn't party alone. the comma
" in america. a police officer's dash cam captured a shocking head-on collision in indiana. it rammed directly into that officer. neither the officer nor that 18-year-old driver was seriously injured. the driver had not been drinking before that crash. >>> a car jacker caused a boat load of trouble in the state of connecticut. the suspect stole a truck towing a 32-foot boat. the pursuit ended when that $175,000 boat toppleded off the trailer and slides along the highway. the driver then stopped and was apprehend apprehended. >>> in florida, a jewelry store employee was ambushed at a gas station. surveillance video shows the 81-year-old at the pump when four masked men pulled up, jumped the man and grabbed a $20,000 bag of jewelry all in 15 seconds. no arrests in this case have been made. >>> a deputy in iowa had a front row view for wild weather there. his dash cam video was rolling when a tornado touched down right in front of him. no one was hurt from that twister but it caused a significant amount of property damage. >>> an illinois woman learned it is bad when anyone drives into your busin
stories making news early today in america. >>> ohio police subdude an elderly woman threatening people with a clive. cell phone video from a bystander captured the 84-year-old woman walking around a walmart parking lot responding to reports she threatened other people and threatening to cut them. an officer pulled the woman to the ground. witnesses believe the cop used too much force against the elderly woman. she was treated for head injuries but not charged with a crime. >>> cameras captured liquor thieves in florida walking out with pricey bottles lining the legs of their pants. surveillance video shows one man distracting a clerk while another man stuffs expensive bottles of alcohol down his pants. police believe the criminal duo ridding their pants with pouches to hold the bottles. the two have stolen thousands dollars of liquor from various stores. >>> two people were rescued from a pennsylvania river after their pleasure boat tanked. the coast guard says one of those victims was pulled from the chilly waters by a good samaritan. the 15-foot boat the victims were on sank around n
. >> big relief for those families. >>> now here's a look at some other news "early today" in america. >>> one man didn't have enough trouble on his hands. during a hearing in which he pled guilty, the defendant spat in the judge's face. deputies escorted the man out of the courtroom. so far no additional charges have been filed for that spitting. >> electrifying video from an lightning striking a tower. fortunately, it had a camera rolling at its base. the structure is grounded so it didn't cause any damage. >>> one powerful storm in indiana did cause plenty of devastating destruction there. a dozen homes were damaged or demolished. entire roofs were just ripped from some of these homes. the national weather service is still trying to determine if that storm qualifies as a tornado or heavy winds. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >>> a mississippi organization is hoping a melon that could feed an army will help raise a chunk of money for veterans. the local american legion post will auction off this 158-pound watermelon donated by one of its auctions were proceeds will go
. >> this is a wonderful day for judge sotomayor and her family, but i also think it's a wonderful day for america. >> reporter: a good day, too, for car buyers. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: the senate pumped $2 billion more into the cash for clunkers program. >> helping to save and create jobs and really get our automobile sector moving forward again. >> reporter: but moving the whole nation forward is what sotomayor's backers say her confirmation accomplished. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >>> after celebrating victories on those two issues, president obama will return his attention to the issue of health care. there is more focus on the organized increasingly mob-like criticism by conservative opponents. the latest flash point was in florida last night where a town hall meeting broke out into chaos. hundreds of people shouting the word tyranny drowned out comments by a strong supporter of the proposal. backers also got involved, shoving, leaving one man with a torn shirt and visible scratches on his chest. incidents like this have been playing out with increasing frequenc
reduced to rubble. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. 24 people in california were strandeded when a roller coaster broke down. there were no injuries. it took four and a half hours to rescue everyone. dangling between three to seven stories in the air, amazing. the riders were removed one at a time by crews in cherry-pickers. officials say a broken chain caused the coaster to stop. >>> a 13-vehicle accident in ohio killed two people and sent ten others it a hospital. multiple cars collided at an intersection. two of the vehicles involved did not stop moving and triggered another pile-up five blocks away. investigators believe that medical conditions may have prevented those two drivers from stopping. >>> surveillance cameras at a store in georgia captured a frightening robbery on take. police are looking for the suspect seen wearing a stocking mask and pointing a gun at the two employees. the bandit is still at large. >>> a high-speed police chase in philadelphia took an unexpected turn when the trooper realized that the car was actually r
homeless. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> florida police on a man hunt got a little help from a kranl yous local resident. a dui suspect was trying to escape from authorities on foot but a home owner tackled the man in his yard. the brave resident who was formerly a bouncer flagged him down and waved to helicopters. >>> a bizarre freeway accident in california involved three cars and a plane. this was almost unbelievable. the small plane ran out of fuel and was forced to make an emergency landing on the highway. three cars ended up hitting that plane. neither the two passengers in the plane nor anyone in the cars were injured. >>> elsewhere in california, one dog in san diego may be head and shoulders above the rest. a massive great dane appears to be the world's tallest dog, standing 3'6" inches, up to his shoulders. the aptly named titan measures one inch taller than the record holder who recently died. >>> in los angeles, a very tall order for dumplings as competitors faced off to see who could devour the most. part of the annual japanes
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stories making news early today in america. >>> a carjacker tried to outrun georgia police by jumping from a moving car. a dashboard camera shows this suspect weave around other cars. he jumps from the car while it is still moving. authorities eventually caught and arrested the man along with his female passenger. >>> a florida news crew got a hostile reception from an unwilling interviewee. a mother called police about her underage daughter working at a strip club. when reporters showed up, the girl's grandmother showed them they were not welcome. she swung a garden hoe. fortunately no one was injured. >>> elsewhere in florida, rescuers saved a girl whose arm was stuck in a pool drain. that 3-year-old was taking a swim lesson in the pool when her arm became lodged in the skimmer suction pipe. crews were able to eventually dislodge that pipe. that girl was taken to a hospital. >>> a golf course groundskeeper in michigan made one mammoth discovery there. the worker stumbled across a ten to 11,000-year-old mammoth tooth. the course is now planning an entire excavation site around that ancien
making news "early today" in america. a philadelphia teenager is lucky to be alive after driving his father's car off a parking deck. the 13-year-old tried to take the car out for a joyride but instead crashed through a concrete barricade and foul four stories. the man who rescued that teen from an suv filmed this video. the empty car that he landed on helped cushion the fall and probably saved his life. >>> in iowa, it was not exactly routine flight for an f-16 when the brakes went out. the pilot told air traffic controllers he lost his brakes ltd. they employed a cable across the highway to catch a hook on the aircraft and bring the plane to a safe stop. >>> in pennsylvania, police arrested 26 people and seized drugs health at a concert at a church. they found marijuana, lsd, and that lose genic mushrooms all being sold and used at this event. the church claims its music event are religious services. >>> in maine, a warship was cystened in the name of a heroic soldier who died in iraq. jason dunham was the first to receive a immediately of honor after he jumped on a grenade to prot
a member of one of america's most powerful and captivating political families dies after a year-long battle with brain cancer. >>> "discovery" grounded. for a second time the launch of space shuttle "discovery" is called off. >>> learning his punishment. chris brown is sentenced for assaulting former girlfriend and chris brown is sentenced for assaulting former girlfriend and pop star rihanna. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm christina brown. >>> today we begin with the passing of a political icon. early this morning came word that massachusetts senator ted kennedy died, a powerful voice on capitol hill for nearly a half century. kennedy passed away after a battle with brain cancer. ted kennedy was 77 years old. for more on his life, here's nbc's brian mohr. >> reporter: edward kennedy grew up in the shadow of two brothers who became american icons. but his decade in the senate established him as a lenl end in his own right. >> they want to undermine the medicare system and next will be social security. >> reporter: massachusetts voters sent him
. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> a new york woman says dash cam video from january supports her claim that police used unnecessary force. she was hit with a taser twice after arguing with an officer who stopped her for speeding and talking on a cell phone. although he claims she was refusing his commands, charges of resisting arrest were later dropped. >>> the federal building in los angeles was closed for hours yesterday after its parking lot became the scene of an hour-long standoff. police fired four rounds of chemical agents into the vehicle of a man who allegedly made threatening statements about the white house. eventually they shattered the suspect's window, used a taser on him, and draggeded him out of the blast. >>> a big blast on the campus of louisiana tech university as a water tower came crashing down. officials say it was too expensive to maintain the 75-year-old structure and the easiest solution was simply knocking it over. >>> and back in california, a precious pooch has become the unlikely focus of kont verse ya. th
to freedom of movement, ted kennedy's battle on behalf of the disabled has made america far more accessible. just ask this 28-year-old. >> it helps us re-integrate back into the community. without it, i might not ever leave the house because the whole city would be inaccessible. >> reporter: from immigration to education rye form to health care and affordable housing, the common thread of ted kennedy's life work many say was their welfare. >> they could count on him. whether you were a farmworker, cotton picker, woman, native american, you could count on ted kennedy standing there with strength. >> reporter: for the elderly, kennedy's inn at the peen denies through his sport of the meals on wheels program. >> i don't know how i would be existing really. >> without ted kennedy, this program probably would have never come into existence. they would have never received the help that they have. >> reporter: though most never met him, many say ted kennedy's
"early today" in america. >>> take a look. investigators found six fields cultivating pot plants near chicago. the street value was around $2.h million. officials torched nearly 6,000 illegal plants. >>> well, cleanup efforts continue in kentucky after heavy flood two weeks ago. as water damaged is repaired at the kentucky derby museum, staff removed 85 historic trophies from their display cases. the prized possessions were carried with white gloves through the courtyard and into the churill downs vault for safekeeping. >>> meanwhile, in colorado a young entrepreneur is hoping for sweet success. the 8-year-olds his own candy company with a sugary twist with sushi. miles has his own website and 200 orders already in the books. >>> a group in pennsylvania is sifting through famous junk. they are ping through 600 boxes of andy warhol's possessions. the late pop artist carried around the boxes and would send them to himself once they were fall. discoveries include the mundane like chocolate and fan mail to extraordinary finds like drawings, $17,000 in cash, and personal polaroids of the r
at least ten square miles. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. a car collided with a firetruck in chicago, sending seven people to the hospital. the firetruck was actually responding to a call when the sedan smashed into it. both passengers in the car were critically injured. five firefighters were also hurt but they are expected to be released from the hospital. >>> police shut down a major marijuana growing operation in central california. more than 2300 plants were discovered in the bust. the estimated street value was over $9 million. a suspect found sleeping nearby injured himself while running from police and was flown to a hospital. >>> elsewhere, in chicago, the city saw a much lower turnout for its annual gun buy back program. corporate donations once again funded gift certificates of $10, $50 and $100 in exchange for firearms. while the program collected almost 2,000 weapons this year, it was far short of the 6,800 guns handed over last year. >>> in washington, d.c., one teenager took the hard road to raise awareness for homeless child
here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. . >>> in los angeles, surveillance video captured a rough encounter between a drunk man and a metropolitan transportation authority guard. the guard was convicted of battery after he attacked this man, who was near comatose from intoxicati intoxication. they decided to transfer security operations to the los angeles county sheriff's department. >>> in california, a dormitory of a prison burned and 55 inmates were taken to the hospital after a violent riot there. a fight between two rival gangs quickly got out of hand. no employees were injured, but there is extensive damage to the prison itself. >>> firefighters in north carolina had another emergency to deal with when their fire truck sort of rolled away and into a house. the truck knocked the house off its foundation while a man was asleep on a couch inside. he said he felt like a human pinball but other than that he was all right. the driver had left the truck unattended. >>> a modern day pony express brought a very special surprise to florida. the dau
. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> a tornado caused major damage in new york. along a half mile stretch where it touched down, 90-mile-per-hour left boats stacked against one another or beached on land. two vessels sank. fortunately no reports of any injuries. >>> a 7-year-old hiker was rescued in tennessee five days after getting lost. the wayward backpacker was airlifted out of rugged terrain. officials say the man did everything right, waiting a top a ridge and using a yellow tarp to signal rescuers. >>> in texas, another survival story. three boaters stranded at seas beat the odds. for three days they were on top a catamaran. it shows how hungry they were after being at sea for a weak. they were on an overnight fishing trip when the boat overturned. >>> in new york, thousands turned out to celebrate what would have been michael jackson's 51st birthday. brooklyn's prospect park was packed with fans dawning white gloves eager to dance to the king of pop. spike lee organized that birthday tribute. >>> and now for a look at the national and
news early today in america. the fbi will investigate the videotaped beating of a minneapolis man by several police officers. one officer is seen tackling this driver he pulled over after that man stood up to take out his wallet. backup officers arrived and punched and kicked and tasered that subdued man. the police chief said the initial officer acted appropriately, but he has concerns about the way the other officers behaved. >>> california residents stumbled upon a shocking surprise in his backyard. an 11-foot python made its way on to the property and couldn't find its way home. it took four animal control officers to handle this 50-pound snake. police believe that wayward python is an escaped pet. let's hope so. >>> elsewhere in california, sticker shock for auctiongoers. a vintage ferarri hauling in more than $5 million. the winner bidder of the 1962 of course always remains anonymous. >>> in one town in nebraska, every dog had its day. a possible pool opened its gates to four-legged friends looking to cool off. it drew 70 dogs eager for a summer dog. >>> and the annual card
not cause any damage. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. one woman in wisconsin is lucky to have some great breaks. take a look at this image. onlookers snapped these photos as the car was perched on top a raised bridge. now, the bridge was actually at a 45-degree angle when they saw the car and lowered it. police are still trying to contact the driver who drove off uninjured. >>> animal protection officials in florida rescued more than 20 mal nourished horses. spca investigators charged their owner with animal cruelty after finding many of the emaciated animals with their ribs showing. 10 were removed on the spot. >>> elsewhere in florida, good samaritans hoped they could rescue an animal. a group of people a beach tried to save a 14-foot baby sperm whale by continue to go pour water over it to keep it hydrated. unfortunately their efforts were not enough to save the beechd whale who ended up dying by the end of the day. >>> a remarkable reunion in miami brought a wayward dog back to the owner. after it was found it was scanned for an id mike
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)